Diary, Journal, Blog

Diary, Journal, Blog

You write a diary, a journal or a blog to record or tell about 

events, your experiences, thoughts and observations.

  • A personal diary can have a name like a friend. Sometimes a diary is private.
  • A journal can sometimes include thoughts and discussions.
  • A blog is a digital text often presented on a web site. It usually has pictures, and the readers can leave comments.


Tilda's Diary 1

Learn how to write a diary entry. Read Tilda's diary about her day.

Diary 1

If you kept a diary, like Tilda, what would you write in it?

Write a diary entry. Use real events or make up something!

You can put together the words below  into sentences.

Sam's Journal 2

Read Sam's journal entry about his day, at school and with friends.

Journal 2

Write a journal entry like Sam’s, about your day at school and after school. Remember: don’t just write about what happened – ask yourself what it made you think, or how it made you feel.

Tilda's Travel Blog 3

Read Tilda's travel blog from Florida. Learn about the animals she meets at Sea World.

Blog 3

Choose three of the photos. Imagine you were really there – the smells, the sounds, the sights!

Write a travel blog about your experiences during the last day or the last few days. Illustrate your blog entry with one of the pictures you have chosen.

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